Pinching Peanuts

1 bottle roasted peanut oil ≈ $10 USD
1 jar natural, sugar-free nut butter ≈ $ 20 USD

Nut Butters Are My Chocolate

After many years of living abroad I thought it high time I stopped being so damn lazy and made my own peanut butter. I’ve forced family to send me jars in France, with a pleasantly hefty shipping cost, and have spent the staggering price listed above on jars here in Chile. (Madness, I know.)

In Vietnam I was able to find awesome nut butter. It was thankfully cheaper than here, but I still had to hoard it. I could find 4 jars at once and then drought would set in on the nut butter supply for a month or more.

For my level of addiction, I can’t go a month or more without nut butter. Oh, I did it in France and Portugal. No more I say!

Let me clarify one point – sugary peanut butters are readily available. Fortunately for me, I don’t eat sugar. (Yes, I said fortunately; sugar is evil on so many levels.) I don’t react very well to sugar. Who does? Moreover, I prefer to limit my sugar consumption to fructose and my blood sugar complications to those induced by alcohol.

Therefore, I figure a 10-dollar bottle of peanut oil is gonna save me a lot of money in the long run. Just add peanuts.

So, thanks to my friend CW for mentioning the nut butter section at Whole Foods and getting my mind working on this. (rather stupid not to have thought of it before)

Thanks also to other bloggers and their detailed descriptions which have inspired what you see here.

Just Dump in the Nuts and Set ‘Em to Spinning

cinnamon walnut peanut butter

Here we have nuts after the addition of salt and cinnamon.

Here we have nuts after the addition of salt and cinnamon.

Now after 1 tsp of roasted peanut oil.

Now after 1 tsp of roasted peanut oil.

Et voilà !

Et voilà !


200 g peanuts
60 g walnuts
1½ tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp salt
1 tsp extra virgin roasted peanut oil

As this is not a food blog, I’ve nothing more to say.

Try for yourself and make your own proprietary blend!


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